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Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Get The Best Electrical Services

Electricity is more than a daily necessity. But, managing the electrical setup needs special skills and knowledge. Whether you need to repair, replace, or install any electrical system, our electricians are ready to serve you. Get the most affordable electrical services from our well-trained electricians.
We have a team of highly experienced electricians with expertise in dealing with various small and large-scale electrical projects. Our reputable electrical firm also installs electric systems and ensures flawless operation.

Electrical Services

Lighting audit services

A lighting audit is an onsite walkthrough performed by our lighting professionals. Our experts will document your lighting systems and analyse the potential energy efficiency. We upgrade your lighting system and help you save energy. Besides, we create room-by-room electric fixture layouts and make a cost-benefit analysis.

Electrical Services

Electrical wiring

Electrical wiring or rewiring can be complicated job. Still, our electricians in Australia are efficient at managing this time-consuming job. A minor electrical wiring error may cause potential hazards. That is why you can leave the electric wiring project to our team.
We recommend the repair or replacement of electrical wires if there are

Frayed electrical wires

Heat, oxidation, and several other factors cause damage to your wires. Sharp edges of nails and screws may also cause the wires to get frayed.

Tripped circuit breakers

Overloading circuit breakers are never safe. When the circuit breaker or electrical wires are damaged, we repair the electrical panel and reinstall the wires.

Visible smoke

If you have identified smoke from the electrical outlet or power appliance, you can call our electricians after turning off the main switch.

Loose connections

Due to old age and frequent use, connections between electrical wires and switches loosen. Hire electricians to inspect them regularly and keep the electrical setup in good condition. 

Power point or socket installations

Defective power sockets can cause various troubles. You can contact our electrical contractors if you have found any issues with your electrical power points. Sometimes, electrical outlet replacement does not solve the issue. For this reason, we prefer rewiring electrical wires. We aim to save you from fire hazards caused by electrical problems.

Electrical maintenance services

We have the best experts to maintain the performance of their electrical systems. Our electrical contractors also upgrade your old and outdated systems with ultra-modern appliances. Besides, we always adhere to industry norms and standards while choosing new electrical systems. Our professional team focuses on every detail to inspect the electrical appliances.
During our electrical maintenance, we check your

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Electrical Services

Why choose us for electrical services?


Whether it is a residential apartment or commercial facility, we are efficient at providing various electrical services.


Our highly knowledgeable and professional team members have undergone rigorous training. Besides, we try to learn about the latest industry trends to provide the best electrical services.


Our professionals know how to deal with every electrical project systematically. We are also highly responsive and help you with emergency electrical services.


We constantly upgrade our skills due to the innovation of new electrical systems. Our professionals try to learn about the latest technologies to deal with any electrical setup. Our licensed electricians provide on-time electrical services. We will respond fast when you have emergency electrical needs.

Do you want to hire electricians? Send a message to our team and get a custom solution for your problems. We will provide a free quote before starting an electrical project for your house.

OneCrew’s Commitment to You

We work with you to provide the safest solution to your needs at an affordable price. We will always provide you with an up front, fixed price quote prior to starting all works.
We never compromise the safety of you – our customers, your home, or your business. We commit to providing you with the safest electrical works and products.
On-time, respectful tradespeople – always!
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